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. . . "To begin with, Albert Abrahms, M. D., LLD., F.R.M.S., is a Jew who was born in San Francisco about sixty years
ago. At nineteen he graduated from Heidelburg University and later took post graduate courses in London, Berlin,
Paris and Vienna, and on his return to America, became a rather prominent figure in West Coast medical circles,
according to his biographical sketch in 'Who's Who in America'.

At twenty six he was elected Vice President of the California State Medical Society, accepted a professorship in
Cooper Medical College (Leland Stanford University) at thirty, and later became president of Emanuel Polyclinic.

During this time he made certain medical discoveries and was author of several textbooks on
disease and diagnosis. But his more recent findings, referred to above were considered to be so revolutionary and
startling that he claims not to have mentioned them to his fellow physicians for a long time, fearing he would not
be believed.

This interim was industriously spent in private verification of the system he had formulated, thousands of cases
being used to check and recheck his basic theory until he had gathered what be believed was sufficient proof to
convince the whole medical fraternity; then he announced his experiments to the world. It appears that his
previous fears were well founded.

The medical profession with characteristic conservatism tabooed the discoveries and condemned the discoverer
without much regard for his accumulated proofs, and the Journal of the American Medical Association heaped him
with satire and virtually proclaimed him a prince of quacks.

On the other hand a minority of 'regular' physicians, laying professional prejudice aside, have dared to investigate
the Abrahms theories: and these now declare that he has made one of the greatest 'finds' of the century.

They furthermore assert that his "persecution" from the old school conservatives simply proves him to be several
years ahead of his time. Regardless of the merits of either side of the controversy, it is obvious that should Dr.
Abrahms methods meet with popular approval, as they are already doing in many quarters, many great medical
institutions, drug factories and drug stores would have to find other lines of business or close their doors.

"The Abrahms method of diagnosis and treatment is called the "ERA System", the letters E.R.A. having been
chosen by the founder to represent "Electronic Reactions of Abrahms".

In view of the electronic structure of matter and its general property of radioactivity, Dr. Abrahms conceived the
idea that in order to uproot a disease in the organism it is essential to go beyond the cellular tissues and really
get at the electronic structures of the atoms. It seemed reasonable to his mind that disease is capable of
producing certain changes in the rate or manner of rotation of the electrons in the affected atoms, and that so
long as the electrons are not vibrating normally the entire organism will be out of balance. All this sounds logical,
but how to correct, the abnormality of the electronic vibrations is the great problem. It is manifest that the
planetary electrons of atomic systems are capable of many different motions at once, even as planets of a solar
system undergo several simultaneous motions in their orbital journeys.

It appeared to Abrahms, therefore, that each disease may have its characteristic vibratory rate, or rather the
power to affect the motion of the electrons in a characteristic way, without destroying the vibratory motions which
the electrons previously possessed, if this be so, an electronic analysis of the blood or tissues should reveal the
existence of whatever diseases may be present therein, provided a means could be devised to do this. Being of an
inventive turn of mind, Dr. Abrahms set upon the task of developing an apparatus that would sort out these
hypothetical vibratory rates and record them separately. . . .

"The Abrahms theory of treatment consist in throwing into the patient's body an electric impulse having
the same vibratory rate as that of the disease. The object of this is to sympathetically increase and
intensify the vibration so that it will be eventually broken, just as the trot of a dog across a shaky bridge
has been known to set up such an intense sympathetic vibration as to cause the bridge to collapse. The
recent appalling disaster in Washington, D.C., when the roof of the American Theatre collapsed and fell
upon the audience, killing and maiming a multitude, has been attributed largely to the sympathetic
vibrations in the rafters, produced by the music from the giant organ used during the performance. It is
due to the same cause that reinforced concrete has been unable to stand up alongside solid concrete in
certain prolonged tests; the metal used for the reinforcing often taking up sympathetically the vibrations
from outside sources, thereby causing the concrete to become eventually weakened. Abrahms accordingly
contends that if a vibration sympathetic to that of the disease is set up throughout all the tissues, cells,
molecules and atoms of the patient's body, it will ultimately cause that particular electronic movement to
collapse. When this is done the disease has been mastered, he declares, and it then remains for nature to
use its untrammeled powers of carrying off the accumulated poisons and restoring the patient to normal.
The Abrahms method of treatment is therefore essentially destructive not constructive.

"The instrument which Dr. Abrahms has invented for purpose of treatment is called an Oscilloclast. The
word means 'vibration breaker'. After being attached to an electric light socket the machine is then
connected up with the patient's body. By means of its rheostat various vibratory rates may be produced. If
a patient is suffering from tuberculosis the Oscilloclast is set so as to throw into his body a vibratory rate
corresponding to that which the disease has already created in his system. The patient feels no sensation,
because those vibrations are smaller than what our senses may detect; yet they may be recognized by the
effects which they produce.

"The organism of a single tubercular germ contains millions of atoms with their multitudinous retinue of
rotating and vibrating electrons. The tuberculosis rate of vibration is characteristic of these infectious
parasites. When a person becomes infected with them they communicate their rate of vibration to the
electrons of his blood and tissues, meanwhile breeding and thriving in the favorable environment which
they have there created. The Oscilloclast treatments are expected to increase and intensify these
vibrations until the electrons of the germ-bodies, as well as the electrons of the diseased cells of the
patient's body, are overcome and broken up. This should kill the tubercular germs; for their lives depend
upon the vibratory rate peculiar to their nature. It is impossible for them to live in any other state or

"The breaking up of the tuberculosis rate of vibration in no wise affects the other vibratory motions of the
atomic systems involved. Each motion must be dealt with separately. If the patient is suffering from both
tuberculosis and cancer, the Oscilloclast is set first at the one rate and then at the other, alternating the
treatments as the conditions may require. The treatments usually last about an hour, but the time may be
varied to longer or shorter periods as the case may demand. Intermittent treatments are sometimes more
effective than prolonged, continuous treatments. About once a week during treatments the physician is
expected to take a new blood test to determine if the potentiality of the disease has been reduced, and how
much. As soon as reactions disappear upon the reagent when the potential rheostat has reached the zero
point the Oscilloclast treatments are discontinued. Much harm, it is said, may result from over-treatment."

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