Robert C. (Bob) Beck, D.Sc
1925 - 2002

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Bob Beck applied his genius to health research after retiring from a challenging and rewarding career as a

In the 1980’s, he operated his own company during a time when he did extensive research on the brain. He
developed a powerful electroencephalograph unit.

In 1983, The article, “Brain Tuner,” by Kathleen McAuliffe caught Bob Beck’s attention.

Bob Beck developed his own Brain Tuner after attending a seminar in Quebec, Canada in 1982.  Bob Beck’s device
has over 200 beneficial frequencies. The first unit was called a BT5. Later, Bob added extra settings in a model
called the BT6.

For his work with the brain Bob Beck received the John Fetzer Foundation pioneering award in 1990.
Research with Beck’s Brain Tuner gained attention in two books published in the 90’s: Mega Brain Power, by
Michael Hutchison and Super-Learning 2000 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder.

His life took another turn in 1991 when a brief mention about research with microamperes of electricity at Albert
Einstein College of Medicine appeared in the March 30th issue of Science News.

By nature and profession Robert C. Beck was always an innovator and inventor. He set about to develop a system
to send the necessary microcurrents of electricity into the blood without medical intrusion.

After developing a system using electrodes on the skin, carefully placed over two arteries, he funded a study with
two medical doctors and 8 AIDS patients. Beck had hoped to publish the results of this study.

According to Bob Beck, all 8 patients were symptom-free.

Over time, Bob Beck saw the need to reach the lymphatic system with electrification. He realized the lymph system
is more extensive than the blood vessels and can harbor and hide viral infections and so reinfect the blood. To
electrify lymph and tissue, Beck devised a magnetic pulse generator to induce the necessary microcurrents of
electricity in specific sites.

Beck’s research also uncovered much historical evidence about the effectiveness of ionic/colloidal silver as a
natural antibiotic. Again he applied his inventive genius and developed a simple device to allow individuals in their
homes to make their own ionic/colloidal silver. “Four o'clock one morning three years ago, I woke up with a perfect
solution on how to make it.  I put it on an old nine-volt transistor radio battery and a couple of silver wires.  Dunk
those wires in water …” See HOW TO MAKE IONIC/COLLOIDAL SILVER for procedures to make 3-5 PPM
ionic/colloidal silver with a small particle size.

At a seminar in Seattle in early 1996, husband and wife team Russ Torlage and Lesley Punt heard Bob Beck speak
and purchased a handout. Lesley was looking for a way to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Russ applied his
design talents to Bob’s material. To make the story short, the blood and tissue electrification units were the tools
that gave Lesley back her life. When Bob Beck examined the units Russ had designed, he immediately gave the
units his endorsement. He had only endorsed one other company to this point, as he wanted to be sure the public
would get good value for their money. Russ Torlage of SOTA worked closely with Bob Beck for the last few years of
his life. At the time of his passing, SOTA Instruments Inc. was the sole company endorsed by Robert C. Beck.

On the lookout for ways to improve the effectiveness of what was becoming known as “The Beck Protocol,” Bob
Beck started ozonating his drinking water with a device he built using parts from a pet supply store for ozonating
fish tanks.

Using a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels in blood and experimenting with friends, he found the oxygen
level of the blood could be improved by drinking ozonated water. Ozone, of course, is known as a powerful
oxidizer so he knew it would be a step to help flush toxins from the body.

The Beck Protocol now consists of four tools using three units :
=  One that offers both blood electrification and making ionic/colloidal silver.
=  One that offers lymph and tissue electrification.
=  And the third is a water ozonator.

Beck says now the discovery at Albert Einstein College was really a re-discovery.
He has found that many patents have been filed over the years showing the effectiveness of electricity for health.

Referring to the units and his handout, Bob Beck says,

“It is experimental. We have given you this information for educational and operational purposes only.

But there is no such thing as a bacterial strain resistant to electricity.   It’s that simple.

So we know we’re on the threshold of something great and I know I am not popular with the
pharmaceutical houses…” He concludes, “Well, God has left a back door [for health] and that back door
seems to be electricity.”

You will find the Bio-Tuner BT7, made by Sota Instruments, at his site (and many other B.Beck instruments) :

His book "A First Aid Kit of the Future : The BECK PROTOCOL" is a high recommended reading.
You will find-it at least here :

In a remarkable discovery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N.Y.C. in 1990, it was shown that a minute
current (50 to 100 micro amperes) can alter outer protein layers of HIV virus in a petri dish so as to prevent
its subsequent attachment to receptor sites. (SCIENCE NEWS, March 30, 1991 page 207.) It may also
reverse Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome), hepatitis, and herpes B. HIV positive users of this enclosed
information may expect a NEGATIVE p24 surface antigen or PCR test (no more HIV detectable in blood) after
30 days. This is reminiscent of a well proven cure for snakebite by application of electric current that
instantly neutralizes the venom's toxicity. (LANCET, July 26, 1986, page 229.) And there may be several
other as yet undiscovered or untested viruses neutralizable with this discovery.

Dr. William D. Lyman and Dr. Steven Kaali had presented a paper in Washington, D.C. on March 14th at the
First International Symposium on Combination Therapies. In their laboratory, electrical currents disabled or
neutralized viruses so the viruses were no longer able to reproduce.

The research spoke of the possibility of running blood through a dialysis-like unit or implanting electrical
devices to incapacitate HIV.

This research both intrigued and challenged Bob Beck.

He discovered, however, that the research had been pulled from public view-the paper was no longer part of the
published proceedings of the symposium. A search of US patents finally led Bob Beck to the evidence and details
he was searching for.

The researchers had filed patent #5,188,738 on November 16, 1990. The patent states: “to provide electric
current flow through the blood or other body fluids at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to
render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells…”

The only other public evidence of this research is an interview with Dr. Lyman on March 30, 1991 by the CBC radio
program “Quirks & Quarks” in Canada.

This information is of
PARAMOUNT importance to
understand the effect of a tiny
amount of current against
parasites, as it happens on the
Hulda Clark zapper too.

These experiences had been
done under a strict scientific
and medical protocol, in an
irreproachable institution.

This discovery was so
important, that an invention
patent followed.

Did you ever hear of it?!?

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We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
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These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
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