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"No matter how long and
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chronic fatigue to infertility to
mental problems, I an sure to
find only two things wrong:
They have in them pollutants
and/or parasites"
TCFAD, Page 2
Hulda Regehr Clark
18 Oct. 1928 - 03 Sept. 2009

Sources of this document :
Books written by Dr Clark
And many other Internet sources

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she
was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts, with High Honors. 

After two years of study at McGill University, she attended the University of Minnesota, studying bio-physics
and cell physiology.  She received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. 

After doing government sponsored research for almost ten years at Indiana University, she began full-time
private consulting in nutrition in 1979. She continued her studies to earn a Naturopathy Degree and an
amateur radio license.

By 1981, she felt she had discovered the basis for disease.  To test her theories she eventually set up a
clinic in Mexico so she could work without persecution by government regulators (Government regulators
state that we must all consult a medical doctor for any disease).

In 1988, Dr Clark discovers a new way to scan a body organ : An audio oscillator is used to detect a match
between a sample (organ, parasite or chemical substance) and the same "substance" in our body.  She calls
this device a "syncrometer".

In 1993 Dr. Clark published her book, "The Cure for All Cancers",  and “The Cure For HIV And AIDS”, which
explained the connection between cancer and the human intestinal fluke parasite (Fasciolopsis Buskii).  Dr.
Clark discovered that in every case of cancer she studied the patient had this same parasite.   Kill the flukes
and the cancer stops immediately and tissues become normal.   Without the fluke cancer never develops.

The word “cure”, reserved for use by the medical/pharmaceutical industry only,  irritated very
much the medical establishment.

She published “The Cure For All Diseases” in 1995;
“The Cure For All Advanced Cancers” in 1999;
"Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual" in 2000;
“The Prevention Of All Cancers” in 2004. 
Many of these books had been translated in more than 8 languages.

On September 20, 1999 Hulda Clark was arrested on a charge of practicing medicine without a license and
transported from San Diego to Indiana where she was put in jail. Over the course of the 6 months from her
arrest to the dismissal, authorities in Indiana had been overwhelmed with protests and letters of support
from around the world.

It takes an unusual degree of dedication and strength of character to operate outside the approved system.

What had Dr. Hulda Clark discovered? 
She found that where there was cancer or any other diseases, there were also parasites.
Our bodies have been subjected to environmental pollutants and processed or dead foods on a massive scale
in recent decades.

Clark's books describe an extensive program to regain health. She identifies household products, vitamin
supplements, mercury fillings in teeth as well as foods that weaken the body and thereby contribute to

She details herbal programs that will help the body rid itself of parasites.
It is important to keep in mind that while at any point in time pathogens may be killed by a frequency or DC,
this is not a permanent solution.

In other words, the blood and body are constantly inviting or reproducing pathogens so zapping is only one
part of Hulda Clark's ongoing protocol to help the immune system overcome pathogens and allow the body to
rebuild health.

It is important to keep in mind that the Zapper does not penetrate all areas of the body easily so is not able
to kill all pathogens.

Hulda Clark's protocol also includes using herbs and eliminating many toxic products.

How Dr Clark came to the zapper discovery?
Hulda Clark also studied the work of Royal Raymond Rife. A researcher in the San Diego area earlier in the
20th century.  Royal Raymond Rife successfully eliminated cancer and other diseases using an electronic
device he invented that emitted specific frequencies. 

Hulda Clark learned that every living creature has a vibration. These vibrations can be measured as
frequencies. As humans, the frequencies we emit are in the radio frequency range.   The theory proposed is
that a pathogen will be killed when exposed to its own frequency.

Knowing these facts, Dr Clark oriented her research by re-discovering these resonant frequencies for each
parasite she could put her hand on, and by using these frequencies to get rid of each individual kind of virus,
bacteria, microbe, …  This method is time - consuming as it is necessary to use so many individual
frequencies to target a great variety of pathogens.

Some extracts from “The Cure For All Diseases” (TCFAD)
“It only took 5V for three minutes at the specific frequency” pp9 (to kill a specific parasite)
“For years, I used a commercial frequency generator to “zap” one pathogen after another” pp13
By this method, it could take 26h of zapping. pp14
“In 1994, Dr Clark’s son build a hand held, battery operated, accurate frequency generator …”
and killed many different parasite, all at once. pp 14
“Subsequent  testing showed it was not due to some unique design, or special wave form produced
by the device.  It was due to battery operation!” (Direct current) pp14

This was the breakthrough she was looking for as she realized battery-operation was the key.

As a result of this research, Hulda Clark added a Zapper to her extensive protocol for health.
Her books include information on how to build a Zapper.

Going against current actual trends, she put her discoveries in the public domain, giving ways to
build ant use her syncrometer and zapper by anybody, never asking a single cent for their use or

Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 

Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.

These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis, which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.

The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
Please note that Dr Clark’s  books or devices have not been evaluated by Health Canada (Canada) or Food and Drugs Administration (USA), and then, have not received any guarantee on their effectiveness or their safety.
Zappers can only be sold or used as experimental devices for educational research.  They are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, diagnostic of any disease.

If illness is an issue, please consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

By using this information without the approval of a licensed health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, as permitted by law, and you take full responsibility for the results.
These results may vary depending on individuals
Applied Electronic to Well-Being