(Hypothetical) Effect of Frequencies (1/5)

The subject of “What is the best frequency for a zapper” continues to raise an emotional reaction, where
each "expert" claims that "its frequency" is better than any other, without giving any explanation why.

In this entertained confusion, the newcomer doesn’t know what could be the best choice for its first zapper.

Since this subject about frequencies is too complex, we shall divide it in chunks easy to understand.

If you buy a 3 frequency zapper as : 30kHz, 2.5kHz and 15Hz (a popular choice) you will be working with
three different effects:

30kHz: The basic effect of the H. Clark’s zapper : Small direct currents killing any pathogen in their path.

2.5kHz: The effect of harmonics created by square waves hitting pathogen frequencies with enough energy
to get rid of parasites (MOR effect as described by the Rife / Crane’s school).

15Hz: This frequency is part of the VLF band (Very Low Frequency) that the brain produces (and
recognizes). This time, the effect is not caused any more by harmonics and MOR, but by the brain
synchronizing with this VLF, and producing-it. This will make a disgusting field for parasites, going
somewhere else (personal theory)

Since we are talking about the Hulda Clark’s zapper, let's explain first this “basic effect”.

Why Dr H.Clark always advocated 30kHz for a zapper?

To understand the role of frequency in the H. Clark’s zapper, we should follow Dr Clark’s work, step by step.
Extracts from TCFAD, pp5…

1988 : Discovery of the syncrometer.

1989 : Dr Clark starts making her “pathogen frequency chart” TCFAD-pp561, clearly following the MOR idea of

1993 : Dr Clark and her son Geoffrey tries a sweep by steps of 1kHz and 3mn each, from 290kHz to 470kHz.  Total
time involved by a zapping session : about 10h.  “Again, results where disappointing…”
Other discoveries lead to a theoretical zapping time of 26h.

1994 : “In 1994 my son built a hand held, battery operated, accurate frequency generator. The purpose
was to enable everyone to kill the intestinal fluke at 434,000 Hz with a low cost device. Enough benefit
would be derived from zapping at various frequencies that I thought everyone should know how to make
one. When I tested it on one of my own bacteria, however, three others at much different frequencies died
also! This had never happened before. When I tested it on others, even though they had dozens of
pathogens, all were killed!
Subsequent testing showed it was not due to some unique design, or special wave form produced by the
device. It was due to battery operation!”

The zapper was born from this discovery

Since then, a single frequency to kill a family of parasites only will be rarely used for the benefit of broad-
spectrum activity of DC.

In his book "Syncrometer, Science Laboratory Manual" published in 2000, PP79, we read:

"When a high frequency AC voltage was applied to a human, using electrodes in the hands (copper pipes),
and the current was measured, it was observed that the higher the frequency was high (from 0Hz) the
current was more important. Clearly, the capacitive effect of the body came into play

But around 30 000Hz, the current began to decline, showing that the impedance becomes more important
now, the explanations for this phenomenon are only speculative, as the "skin effect", the saturation of
capacitors, inductors come into play , and others.

For this reason, a frequency of about 30 000Hz was chosen for the zapper. But other frequencies could
prove their value as research progresses. "

That's why 30kHz seems to be the preferred frequency used by Dr. Clark, throughout his work.

Dr. Hulda Clark, according to documents found on the Internet, have also tried to use lower frequencies. She tried
too 5kHz, which seemed to work "better" (for what?), but she returned to 30kHz for his later work.

If you are using a zapper for some special purposes as "plate zapping" or "homeography", the use of 30kHz is
recommended by Dr Clark.

On our side, we found that the use of DC in vivo is facing some interesting challenges:

The skin reacts very quickly to a voltage producing a current in your body:
Its resistance increases very rapidly, within a millisecond! (0.001).

To circumvent/avoid this reaction, the voltage must vary faster than the reaction of the skin

1_ The skin reacts like a circuit mainly capacitive (Reacting to the frequency)
2_ We call the positive voltage variations: Frequency.

Thus, the frequency is a factor increasing the electrical power efficiency of a Zapper (current), when the
frequency increases. Other factors limit the scope of this statement.

The Cure for all Diseases pp 14 & 15:
The subsequent test showed that this is not due to a special wave produced by this device (the zapper).
This is the result of the battery (dc)
The frequencies between 10Hz and 000Hz 500 are all acceptable to a zapper.

Frequencies around 30kHz in the use of a zapper, are excellent. Dr. Clark is familiar with the electronics, has
done an outstanding job (as it did for many other aspects of its zap), and has made the personal choice of

Our laboratory tests show that between 2 kHz and 4 kHz, the difference is already significant. From 4 kHz to 50
kHz (and more), there is almost no noticeable change.

If I had a zapper with a single frequency, 20 to 40 kHz could be an optimum frequency, but I will not cry if the
frequency was "only" 8kHz or 10kHz (or even less).

As you can see, Dr. Clark used frequencies for parasites especially at the beginning of its work, the frequency
sweep, and finally only continuous flow with a frequency of 30kHz to facilitate the transition.

If you are not very "technical",
and trust Hulda Clark's citations,
this is good enough, for a general
understanding of what
frequencies does in a zapper.

This should end once and
for all, the discussion about
in the use of a zapper… 
(Well… almost)

But if you disagree with some
statements, or want to push
deeper the question of
go to next pages, for much more
technical information

If a single frequency (about 30kHz) is enough to make it work, why there is so many out there?
1_ Because most manufacturers and "experts" of the question don’t bother to search into the
voluminous written heritage of Dr. Clark, reminding us non stop in every book :
"Anything, from 10Hz to 500 000Hz is good for zapping.
30kHz is the frequency I use most of the time."

2_ Because in the very beginning, Dr. Clark seems to have followed the footsteps of R. Rife’s MORs (enjoying
a well deserved popularity), surrounded by a halo of mystery and a halo of establishment’s conspiracy ...
which makes these frequencies even more appealing to every “rebel” living in us. 
Nobody seems to realize that the findings of Dr. Clark are quite different!

3_ Because the zapper's system put forward by Dr. Clark (and some others) is TOO EASY to be…
easily credible

To overcome a ter.r.r.rible disease, we MOST use a complicated and expen$$$ive system. 
A so simple device can’t be efficient.  End of discussion (:-(
Anyway, if it was really effective, pharmaceutical corporations, whose role is to take care of us (too
bad for profits), would have find-it first, and use it for the benefice of everyone ... (:-( (

4_ Because everyone trying to improve the basic effect of the zapper, wants to improve it with a little
“something different”, that sets their zapper apart from the competition.

The basic effect of the H. Clark’s zapper, using a small current to kill parasites in its path, don’t need
a particular frequency, or even any frequency at all, as seems to demonstrate some current

The effect of a particular frequency to get rid of a particular pathogen does not need tiny offset
direct current to act, but the name "Hulda Clark zapper" is a so good seller ...

Should we reject other frequencies?

Certainly not!

If we know what we are doing, and do it well, frequencies other than 30kHz can be an excellent
added bonus to the H. Clark’s zapper!

Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 

Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.

These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis, which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.

The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
Please note that Dr Clark’s  books or devices have not been evaluated by Health Canada (Canada) or Food and Drugs Administration (USA), and then, have not received any guarantee on their effectiveness or their safety.
Zappers can only be sold or used as experimental devices for educational research.  They are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, diagnostic of any disease.

If illness is an issue, please consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

By using this information without the approval of a licensed health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, as permitted by law, and you take full responsibility for the results.
These results may vary depending on individuals
Applied Electronic to Well-Being

The first page talks about H.
Clark’s original zapper and its
30kHz frequency, and why it is so
important for a zapper to have at
least this frequency.

The second page talks about
the zapper really working with
frequencies, why each “expert”
has its own pet frequency, and
why it is so difficult to choose
among all frequencies from Rife,
Clark, Beck and many others.
Frequencies and parasites

The third page talks about
zapping frequencies “whispering”
to the brain
15Hz VLF 
VLF What they are 
VLF-How it works

The fourth page is about an
actual trend : the multiplication
of proposed frequencies, and also
about the sweep frequency and
what it's so special with it
Narrow Sweep
Influenza A&B
Candida albicans
Fasciolopsis buskii
Wide FV Sweep

The fifth page is a technical
reference for all other pages.
Qualities of a frequency
Other frequencies used in a
Resonant frequency
Duty cycle
Skin effect