Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 

Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.

These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis, which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.

The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
Please note that Dr Clark’s  books or devices have not been evaluated by Health Canada (Canada) or Food and Drugs Administration (USA), and then, have not received any guarantee on their effectiveness or their safety.
Zappers can only be sold or used as experimental devices for educational research.  They are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, diagnostic of any disease.

If illness is an issue, please consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

By using this information without the approval of a licensed health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, as permitted by law, and you take full responsibility for the results.
These results may vary depending on individuals
JUNK Zappers

Concentrate on what works.
Don't loose your time or your money on what doesn't (unless necessary... )

Until now, (2011-0302), I have expend time in this rubrick, making test bech on poorly made zappers (based on my opinion).  I don't want to concentrate on these poor examples any more.

I have tried several zappers looking ugly, some of them for sale.
This page shows "working" zappers I will use if needed, but build under the minimum quality of a "commercial" zapper.

Publicity quite often over compensates for a poor marksmanship of the zapper.
As a general rule of thumb :

1_   Ask to see at least a picture of the guts (the electronic part) of the zapper.
If there is none, ask why, because you have a RED FLAG saying : "Be careful". 

2_   Ask if there is a satisfaction warranty permitting you to send back the device in case you are not satisfied.
If there is none, you have another RED FLAG.

3_   Hand made zappers can be well done, and last a liifetime, but...
Hand made zappers are the trademark of a non-commercial unit, because they are tedious to build (expensive), and are prone to many human errors.  Acceptable as a prototype, they are not as a commercial unit.


4_    A zapper works with DIRECT CURRENT.
On the original zapper, Dr Clark was using copper tubes of 7/8" OD, 4" long, with one to two layers of wet, salty kitchen water, to increase area of contact and working (and safe) current.
If you use anything else, it could be more convenient, but not so efficient.  You are playing with Placebo effect
(Not bad, after all, if it works for you)

Skin tacks, EEG or TENS electrodes, wrist cuffles can be a solution for very special occasions, but certainly not a good solution for dayly use.  Avoid them as much as possible.
On my experience, 4.5" long, 1/2" Dia copper tubes are a REAL minimum.
Less than that, you are trading working current for time exposure (longer sessions).

An interesting example of this is the mini-terminator kind of zapper, using an extemelly low (15Hz) frequency, and two cents as electrodes : Wearing it for vely long periods of time is quite common with this kind of zapper

5_    If publicity shows you something too beautiful to be true, chances are that it will really be too beautiful to be really true.  Rely on specs, if any, and be cautious about publicity, specially if "direct relations" with Dr Hulda Clark are involved, or if publicity relies on fear, or complex words to convince you. 
A zapper is a quite simple device.  If an electronic student is not able to simply tell you what a word means, you have another RED FLAG.

Some samples of hand made Zappers
Two zappers, built by myself.

I cannot imagine assembling them in quantity, and selling them for any profit at all, with a competitive price.
A zapper purchased as a commercial zapper.

Packaging is clever, but hand made assembly is prone to human errors, and very costly to build.

At the moment of test, publicity was MUCH more appealing than workmanchip.
A zapper purchased as a commercial zapper.
As received, copper tubes of 1/4" were not staight and pitted.

Price was very low, packaging is unacceptable, hand made assembly even worse. 
Obviously made one by one at order time.
A zapper selling as a commercial zapper.

Selling for more than $200, this zapper, hand made, gives you an outrageous publicity, is unsafe (powered by the 110/220V) and gives you no much more than a conventional zapper, or Samples 1, 2, 3 or 4.

At least this guy is making good money (out of you)

More to come

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