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ZAPPERWISE : Entry door for

INTRODUCTION : Introduction tho the Hulda Clark's zapper
  =  Parasites : Brief description of who they are and what they do
  =  Thoughts about health system :  The actual Heath Care System is broken and expensive.
      =  Galileo : Human kind does not change very much
       =  Albert Abrams : Radionic precursor.
       =  Royal Raymond Rife :  Too efficient to let-it go.
       =  Bob Beck :  His device is not a zapper, but...
       =  Hulda R. Clark : An example of dedication and strength of character, outside the approved system.
  =  Doctors and Iatrogenic death : What is happening.
       =  Hyppocrate Oat : Original version and modern version
  =  A zapper has already been used for...  Without any warranty about its effect, here is what other
experimenters have tried.

THE ZAPPER (Hulda R. Clark's zapper) :  What are we talking about, precisely? What requirements a "Hulda
Clark's zapper" should comply with ? 
  =  Other uses of the zapper.
  "Hypothetical" effect of Frequency.
  =  "Hypothetical" effect of sequences
  =  Zapper Lexicon To come soon
  =  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  =  Wrong or exaggerated Publicity about what a zapper does

THEORY AND PRACTICE : Theory of the zapper's action
  =  Basic use of a zapper
  =  What to look for before making your choice
  =  Schematics : The original schematic of "The" zapper as described by Hulda Clark
  =  Schematics : The M.Zap4_TN1 : A commercial variation
  = Schematics : The "Pulser" and the M.Zap_0  Zapper to its simpler state.
  =  Schematics : The VeloZap : A zapper on the road.
  =  Schematics : A simple zapper found on Internet, with a 4069 CMOS IC.
  =  Schematics : The syncrometer of Dr Hulda Clark.
      =  What is a "syncrometer?  To come soon
  =  Schematics : The Blood Purifier of Mr. Bob Beck.
  =  Building a zapper, step by step To come soon

  =  Contra-indications and precautions about this device
  =  References :  Bibliography and Interesting Internet Sites related to the zapper.
  =  SiteMap This actual page
  =  Bench Test  This section will build up as zappers becomes available

IDENTITY of zapperwise To come soon
  =  Important beliefs and values sustaining this site To come soon
  =  Who is behind the steering wheel

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